(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban South Africa, 4th April 2012) Lecture: Cc Madhya-lila 12-133

In the presence of the spiritual master we feel inspired, and in the absence of the spiritual master we are gradually losing our enthusiasm. So what can we do?

When the spiritual master is present, then there are a lot of opportunities to receive direct darśana, and when all these spiritual masters are present (because the spiritual master is not one).

‘vande gurūn īśa-bhaktān’ (CC Adi 1.1)

These are the first words from the Caitanya-caritāmṛta – worshiping the spiritual masters, there are many and the devotees of the Lord. We get so much inspiration and we are receiving a lot. When we are in the absence of the spiritual master, at that time our connection comes in trying to serve the spiritual master. In his presence we can sit at his feet and we can just relish! In his absence by connecting in service to his instruction. Connecting to his instructions means to serve according to his instructions. So through service we are connecting and then the inspiration will remain strong if we are always connecting in service!

So yes in the absence of the spiritual master we should start thinking:

‘What service could I do for him? What could I do that would really please him? There is something that I should do. Something extra I should do!’

By hearing from the spiritual master one knows very well what is pleasing to the spiritual master and ultimately what is the desire of the spiritual master? It’s not like a big mystery, because the spiritual master wants to see that every living entity in this entire universe receives the mercy of Krishna! So somehow or other we support that mission in some way or other. So if we do some service like that then immediately we feel very connected and very enlivened, even in his physical absence, there is no absence!

I remember one devotee who was being described in the Lilamtra, and who was in New Vrindavan. At that time when Prabhupada had arrived, they took him over to the third road and they were carrying Prabhupada in the palanquin, and it was heading towards the evening and the devotees had torches and one devotee was feeling:

‘Oh, I’m far from Prabhupada, but I want to get close and push through the crowd, to be right next to Prabhupada, but I’m still faraway!’

Because one comes to the spiritual master in service and not in physical proximity!

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