(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30th March 2012, Cape Town, South Africa) Lecture: SB 7.15.25

I have a story about the Harinama party, which we started in Amsterdam. It was summertime and there was a street artist who drew a picture of God on the street with a chalk. He drew Michelangelo as God who was sat on the clouds with a stern face and a finger pointing down – ready to catch the sinners!

After five minutes of Harinama, someone spat on the ground in front of us! Then later on the top seat of the toilet flew out of the window! The whole seat that flew out of the window had missed us and it landed on the head of someone else! Anyway we moved on wondering:

‘What would happen next with that person in the room who had ripped off the toilet seat? Well what was he going to do next?’

As we carried on, there were many people who were happy and they danced. They liked the kirtan! It was fine, but all right there were these strong reactions on that day as well! So we did a full circle and we came back to the starting point and then I saw a picture of God and I thought:

‘No wonder that people are upset and that they were throwing things at us, as well as spitting and so on!’

No wonder, look at him! I mean such a heavy personality. So that’s not Krishna. Krishna is kind! He is merciful. Krishna is not old! Krishna is not dry and He is not telling us:

‘Sit still and pray all day.’

Krishna is telling us:

‘Sing and dance.’

Krishna is not telling us:

‘Eat a dry crust of bread.’

No, Krishna is telling us:

‘Eat nice things.’

So the more we actually describe the spiritual platform, than the allergies can also disappear. Then you actually see:

‘Well that is actually not so bad after all!’

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