(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27th March 2012, Cape Town, South Africa) Lecture: B.G. 2.17

All right so let’s punish ourselves for all the inattentive chanting we do daily:

‘Oh, I’m chanting so badly. Oh, I’m so terrible. I’m so fallen and sinful!’

We can punish ourselves more by having all the sinful thoughts:

‘Oh I thought of some sinful activity. I’m so fallen!’

So that is also not our process. Our process is about getting busy. To become busy in service and keep on chanting, but we don’t need to punish ourselves for every failure. Tamal Krishna Maharaja made a nice statement. He said:

‘Falling down is not the sin. Staying down – that is the sin! Fall down all right that can happen, but then you have to get back up! But when you stay down, then that is the sin.’

I thought that was interesting and a deep realization.

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