(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 18th March 2012) Lecture: SB.4.9.8

Everyone is looking for some justification to do what he wants to do. For example, what if I want to eat onions? Then I would say that:

‘I am eating them because it purifies the blood, and I have some issues with my blood and no other medicine works. Nothing works for me but onions really works for me! So what can I do? I must take it for medical reasons.’

I’m not addicted to drinking but I am taking ayurvedic medicine, which contains 90% alcohol! It’s very good, and I feel so much better since I have been taking this! The ayurvedic doctor said that I should be taking it on a long-term basis. So justification is there naturally, since everyone has that tendency!

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