(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27th March 2012, Cape Town, South Africa) Lecture: B.G. 2.17

Sanatana Goswami was simply always glorifying Krishna, hearing about Krishna and remembering Krishna. His last book just overflowed with Krishna Katha! For him it wasn’t that he was thinking:

‘What am I going to say now? I have to go and preach here today. What topic shall I speak about?’

Maybe sometimes, he felt like that but there is no need to prepare and write out a lecture before and read it out aloud. It was just overflowing automatically, because his was filled with thoughts of Krishna. Filled with attachments to Krishna, and he was automatically aspiring about Krishna.

In contrast to this ocean of fullness we have puddles that form over the road in the rain, and then the next day there is a little bit of a puddle left over, then they are gone. So the puddles of Krishna Consciousness due to some rain are again evaporating in the sun and disappearing. How to deal with these puddles of Krishna Consciousness? This is mostly what we have – moments of inspiration is when they come and then they are gone again. Like that, it is a matter of more chanting and more hearing, but the problem is that we chant too short. The kirtans are too short and so is the katha, since it is not often enough! If we were more absorbed in hearing and chanting then we would fill up more.

Basically you never fill the tank. In South Africa, there are a lot of people who say:

‘Put ten rand worth of fuel in the tank.’

Why don’t these guys just fill it up, instead of putting ten rand worth of fuel in the tank? They just need to fill it up. In Germany they use one euro worth of fuel for the tank. Can you fill a tank with fuel with just one euro? It’s unthinkable but in South Africa to fill a tank with ten rand worth of fuel is also very low, and of course every time it is on the verge of being empty, because they are just not filling the tank!

So we must fill it completely, fill it to the brim, and then shake the car. Krishna, Krishna, Krishna – mercy, mercy everywhere, and it will never run out of fuel, never! That is important because the material energy is there and it will not go away. The material energy will again and again produce some illusory attraction, but we know that it’s false. Vaisnavas have transcendental knowledge and with this knowledge we can cut through this illusion and see that it is actually not real!

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