(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30th March 2012, Cape Town, South Africa) Lecture: SB 7.15.25

Prabhupada was a communications nightmare and he would say things that you are not suppose to say. He would go right there to the sore point. It is like he was getting into it and sometimes people didn’t like it and he didn’t care also!

I would say that not anyone and everyone could preach like Srila Prabhupada because one has to have purity, then one can say anything and still convince the others. Then people can see that this man is real, he’s real!

In Amsterdam there was the installation of the deities and it didn’t work out properly, and Prabhupada was angry. He was upset because everything was wrong for the deities it was not right. The TV was there and Prabhupada did not care. He didn’t smile at the camera. He was angry because the deities were not taken care of!

At one point there was suppose to be a yajna, and where were the fruits? There had to be some fruits. One mataji went into the kitchen and she didn’t come back. So Prabhupada sent a person after her and that person also didn’t come back! So that would really get somebody going. If you sent somebody to get someone and he or she too didn’t come back, then you would get agitated! So Prabhupada was getting agitated.

Finally they came back with the fruits, but what happened was that they had cut it up into a fruit salad! So for a yagna you need whole pieces of fruits to put around the pit for decoration and they came back with fruit salad instead! Prabhupada was looking at that and was angry and disgusted:

‘This is useless!’

Mataji was crying and Prabhupada didn’t care. He didn’t become soft, no! But the amazing thing was that several people that day who were guests were so impressed with Srila Prabhupada because he was not trying to hold up a show for the audience (and cater towards the audience) and therefore he was actually caring for the deities – caring for Krishna and so those people had joined the movement! Two people joined because of his anger. They both said:

‘Yes he impressed me, and he was so angry with what they were doing!’

So that is really the key. The key is simply to describe Krishna and simply to serve Krishna, then people will come!

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