(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 18th March 2012) Lecture: SB.4.9.8

By acting in and voluntarily accepting the restrictions of dharma we become gradually lifted to the transcendental platform. So therefore the devotee must be very patient. We cannot expect that we will always feel completely inspired. We must understand that we are on a path – the path that is leading to an all auspicious destination. Sometimes the path maybe very inspiring, and the other times the path maybe very austere, just like when we go for a walk. You may walk past a very nice area such as the beautiful countryside and then you go over the hill and there is an ugly factory or something like that, but we just walk on. We don’t say:

‘Oh no, we’ve come to the ugly part. We cannot go any further.’

So in spiritual life one has to keep the goal in life. That is why it is mentioned that ‘Vāsudeva para-gati’ – Vāsudeva is the ultimate goal of life. So we have that goal in mind. If we are meditating on Krishna and on the mercy we are getting from Krishna then all right on the way we can take some austerity. Ultimately, already in the present there is a lot of inspiration. It is not that in devotional service the reward comes at the end, and that it is only a process of austerity, because already now we can connect with Krishna! And already now we can see how in the worship of Krishna we gain natural satisfaction. So many nice things are there: beautiful or very enthusiastic singing; other times wild dancing; interesting stories that express human nature.

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