(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Lenasia South Africa, 15h April 2012) Lecture: BG 6.30

As soon as it gets a little difficult we forget the bigger picture. The bigger picture of course is:

‘na jāyate mriyate vā kadācin
nāyaṁ bhūtvā bhavitā vā na bhūyaḥ
ajo nityaḥ śāśvato ’yaṁ purāṇo
na hanyate hanyamāne śarīre,’ (Bg 2.20)

The soul doesn’t take birth. The soul doesn’t die. The soul is not slain when the body is slain! That is the theme of the second chapter, for which there are many verses:

‘nainaṁ chindanti śastrāṇi
nainaṁ dahati pāvakaḥ
na cainaṁ kledayanty āpo
na śoṣayati mārutaḥ,’ (Bg 2.23)

The soul cannot be dried by the wind. It cannot be burned by fire, nor drowned or cut to pieces. Anyway all these things cannot be done to the soul. So one who lives deeply in this philosophical understanding is an enlightened person, undoubtedly. It is someone who is peaceful!

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