(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban South Africa, 4th April 2012) Lecture: Cc Madhya-lila 12-133

Madhumangal had a dream a few days ago about Lord Jagannath. Lord Jagannath wanted to go to the temple and so he carried Lord Jagannath on his head and went towards the temple. He wants to know two things. Firstly what does this dream mean? And if Krishna is really present in the dreams?

The first part about what the dream means, well I’m not qualified to explain dreams so you will have to sort that out with someone else. But is Krishna really present? Yes whenever we get a darśana of Krishna, then He is present! Krishna is present in His picture; Krishna is present in His deity form; Krishna is present in His dream form. Whenever we dream of Krishna, then He is present!

The point is there to what extent are we able to perceive that presence? Just like Sri. Sri Radha Radhanath is present but to what extent are we able to perceive their presence? Since we are still conditioned souls, and we may not fully appreciate that the Supreme Lord is on the altar. Otherwise we wouldn’t be so casual. So in the same way one may dream about Krishna and Krishna is present but we are not yet fully perceiving the presence of Krishna. So according to our level of advancement we will perceive him differently.

Therefore when great devotees have dreams like when Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami had a dream of Lord Nityananda, then he became so over whelmed with ecstatic emotions, and then Lord Nityananda gave him an instruction. He took that instruction so much to heart that it became a life changing experience!

So that’s one way of perceiving Krishna. For him that dream was a full darśana of Krishna! For us we may have such a dream but then life goes on and also with that we struggle with the modes of material nature. I don’t know the full import of your dream but it is auspicious to carry Lord Jagannath on your head whilst going to the temple. Why you carried Him to the temple, I really don’t know? I can only speculate but I really don’t know?

Madhumangal: Inaudible

Maharaja: Why would He want to go to the temple when He is already in the temple, as you seem to ask? Well He also comes out of His temple. The temple is in Vrindavan. He always wants to go to Vrindavan! It’s very nice to dream of Krishna, very nice!

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