(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 18th March 2012) Lecture: SB.4.9.8

Even now there maybe some influence of Kali that is upon us, but we carefully stay in the community of devotees. The community of devotees is dedicated to Krishna Consciousness principles. So that is why in the community of devotees we are protected. Alone we are weak, together we are strong! That is really the best protection – the community of devotees. Sometimes you could say:

‘Yeah, but the devotees are not treating me nice.’

That doesn’t matter, just tolerate it and still stay in the association of the devotees. So staying in the association of the devotees is not only about:

‘It’s so inspiring!’

Since sometimes that association helps us to develop the tolerance – the tolerance of more than a tree and so on. You may say:

‘I don’t like it anymore in the temple the mood has changed. I think I should get my own flat.’

That’s nice and it will be very peaceful, but then you are alone with Kali!

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