(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, April 2012) Lecture: SB 5.12.5-6

The body has the pushing – the pushing of the senses and the pushing of the mind, tongue, belly, genitals, anger and so on. These kinds of pushing are upon all of us! Sometimes they are speaking about hunger, thirst, lamentation, infirmity, old age and death as the ‘ṣaṭ-ūrmi’ – six waves that sort of sweep us along. Or other times they are called six whips, which sort of whip us along on the path. So very much we are being pushed in life by the pushing of the body and by that we have to gradually let go of, and not to take it so seriously. For example a question can be raised:

‘What do you do? What do you do when you become suddenly attacked by sex desire?’

Well the first option is, nothing! That’s probably the best option. Looking at it that is the most intelligent option. We can suggest,’ Do nothing.’ If that is absolutely impossible then do something but don’t do something that harms spiritual progress, because otherwise you are ‘atma-hanah’ a killer of the soul, and that is spiritual suicide and that of course, we cannot allow. That is foolishness, sine we are forgetful of transcendental knowledge.

Srimad Bhagavatam is helping us to open the darkened eyes to develop this vision, and if we keep on remembering the vision and then whenever the pushing arise (or to say it in a more contemporary language, when the impulses appear) then we have to preach to ourselves. Preaching is a big topic in Prabhupada’s books and it’s all about preaching, but preaching first of all has to be done in one’s own mind, and that’s very important. Constantly the mind is coming up with undesirable elements and then we have to present them:

‘Wait a minute, you want this.’

‘I know.’

‘You want it really bad.’

‘I know.’

‘And you don’t care about the consequences.’

‘I know, but Srimad Bhagavatam is describing something else.’ So that should sort of kick in!

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