(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, 17th May 2012) Lecture: House program

It is said that Arjuna was gudakesha – the one who was the conqueror of sleep. He was known as gudakesha, because it is said that he was always chanting! But then Arjuna was found sleeping. So they asked:

‘How is he always chanting, when he is sometimes sleeping?’

No, even when he is sleeping, he is chanting. It’s like how do we know? You can listen to his hair. His hair is chanting. Therefore he was gudakesha – the conqueror of sleep because he was always chanting. But we also sometimes have that, when you are chanting a lot – 12 hour kirtan or something like that, then you go to bed, and the next morning when you wake up and the tune is still playing in your head. The same tune has been playing the whole night! While you were sleeping the whole night the melody kept on playing! So we are also experiencing it like that – chanting in our sleep. So we become conqueror of sleep.

Balarama was also one who was the conqueror of sleep. While Balarama was sleeping he said:

‘Krishna, Krishna how long are you going to play with this demon Kaliya. Why don’t you just kill him all at once! Dispose of him right now!’

The anxiety is too much, so even in his dream Balarama was always absorbed too much in Krishna Consciousness.

Prabhupada simply told us:

‘Every night take some milk for the finer brain tissue and then read a little from The Krishna book. At least fifteen minutes reading from the Krishna book.’

And it used to be, well that was sort of the practice every night. Prabhupada said:

‘Then you will dream of Krishna!’

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