(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney, Australia, 11th May 2012) Lecture: SB 5.11.11

Now we are reading Srimad Bhagavatam, and how all the elements are merging from Krishna and our essential functions are relating to these elements. And we see intricate relationship between the manifestation of all these elements in the universe and the interaction with our consciousness. And suddenly we can see that here is Krishna and He is interacting with us – He is residing within our consciousness and He is manifesting Himself through us, through all these things that come from Him. Gradually we see it and we thought:

‘It’s all magnetic fields and various rotating planets that, and factors that are staying in balance. Orbits are rotating in cosmos. All this and NASA and God knows what.’

And we never thought that simple. The ‘BIG BANG’ – a very big dense lump of matter that exploded! And then Prabhupada comes and says:

‘Where did that lump of matter come from?’

‘Oh never thought of that!’

On Darwin ‘if monkeys turn to men?’ Prabhupada says:

‘Now there are monkeys and now there are men. Why isn’t it that monkey’s are turning into men today?’

‘Oh, never thought of that!’

It’s true monkeys don’t turn into men. These days men turn into monkeys! That’s because of Darwin’s contribution, because of Darwin people became Godless and the result is that men are turning into monkeys! Anyway, so we see everywhere the mercy of Krishna because we can do a little service for Him and that service leads to more, and that’s still a little more. Cannot we just do a little service?

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