(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Soweto South Africa, 15th April 2012) Lecture: CC Talk

If Krishna is the doer of the activities then why do we get the reactions for our actions?

Well Krishna gives us independence. Everything is in Krishna’s power. Without Krishna’s power we cannot lift our fingers, since it is Krishna who gives us the power to lift our fingers, it all comes from Him. He gives us this power and with it He gives us independence. For instance He gives us this body and whatever power it has is limited, and with that power we can do what we want to some extent. Within the limits of our power we can choose. We can use the energy for the kirtan or we can go across the road. We can drink some fresh water or we can have another bottle, that’s our choice, which Krishna has given us!

Srila Prabhupada said that in the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna says:

‘I’m the taste in water!’

And Prabhupada said:

‘Yes, and Krishna is also the taste in alcohol.’

He is, since it’s all Krishna, everything comes from Krishna, but the alcohol is meant for the outside and not for the inside. You can use it on the outside for disinfecting but it’s not meant to go inside. I know someone who drinks petrol, seriously, a little bit at a time. He drinks petrol and says:

‘It’s really good for health!’

Sure! He’s from Czech Republic. You know how he is into health, and he always has some special medicine and he drinks petrol! I wouldn’t advise it. Anyway petrol is supposed to go into the car, and in the same way I wouldn’t advise to take alcohol since it is suppose to be for the outside. Like whisky is very useful if you have a cut, you put some whisky onto the cut, and then job done, no problem.

So it’s not that Krishna is just the doer of the activities since Krishna is the original of everything, and He gives us the power and then we can use that power. So He also gives us the independence! So you can either be on this side of the street or that side.

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