(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Soweto South Africa, 15th April 2012) Lecture: CC Talk

When someone is alive then there is some effulgence, and as soon as the body is dead then the effulgence is gone. Something is gone from one moment to the next! It is the soul that is gone. Many people have had out of body experiences. I have had it to. When the bullet went in the back, ploughed through me and came out in the front, it left a hole. When I was in the hospital with all tubes coming out, then I was looking down upon the body and I was thinking:

‘Where am I?’

And I wanted to know and I went through the wall and when I was outside I recognised the hospital. I saw a car coming and I said:

‘Hey! That’s our car.’

And I saw the devotees sitting in the car, and I said:

‘Boy they must be coming for me and I’m not at home. I better go back.’

So there is an existence outside the body, and many have experienced it. Many people are speaking about it. I’m sure you know other people who have had that experience. Indradyumna Maharaja also explains how some years ago that he got hit by a car. He got out of the car and got hit by another car and he flew in the air! He was unconscious and saw himself lying on the road. So there is an existence separate from the body. There’s no doubt about that. So these things are clear. Maybe we don’t have the full experience but some evidence is there. So we can be reasonably convinced and convince others:

‘Yes we are not the body, we are eternal spirit souls!’

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