(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, 29th April 2012) Lecture: Vyasa Puja 2012

Our capacity for dharma is not great, but that’s all right. Therefore what binds us with formality will not do, for that you have to be a strict follower of dharma. But what helps us is friendship. Just like, Giriraj Das the brahmacari. In Bombay he was fighting court cases with Mr Nair, and then Nair sent a prostitute. The prostitute suddenly got into the car and sat next to Giriraj Das. His heart was beating fast and he thought:

‘I’m finished! I’m going to fall down.’

But then he thought:

‘No! No, Prabhupada would be so disappointed when he hears about it. No, I cannot fall down.’

And that relationship saved him, right there in that moment which is almost impossible for him to overcome at that time. So we want that kind of relationship. From my side I want it. Take it from me, I am your ever well-wisher, and I have no other intention then to help you go back to Godhead!

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