(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, 29th April 2012) Lecture: Vyasa Puja 2012


One has to makes sure he gets spiritual nourishment. So all of you have to do that yourself. You see I cannot do that! If you are looking at me to always provide spiritual nourishment, then I will crack. I mean physically I’ll crack. It’s like with me I am by constitution a Rolls Royce motor in a Volkswagon body, and that is the situation. So by my spirit and mind I can take on the universe but in the process my body cracks and I have to be careful about that, so I am watching it.

If you feel that the relationship between us has become distant, please turn to me! You cross the distance somehow or other. As I said it takes two to tango. If you want a personal instruction and didn’t get one, ask for one!


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