From the Nrsimha farm in Germany, it was off to Australia via Munich. Kadamba Kanana Maharaja landed in Sydney on Tuesday night (8 May).

The very next night, he started-off his schedule with a program at the local Govinda’s restaurant, where they have a room called The Lotus-Room. This is where all kinds of spiritual programs take place. At the start of the program, Hari Bhakti Prabhu gave an impressive demonstration on Indian classical singing, then Maharaja led a smooth kirtana followed by a talk about mystic India. The next night, he gave a program in the same Govinda’s restaurant but in this lecture, he gave more emphasis on chanting. It was a rocking kirtana evening with all the guests dancing in spiritual joy.

The following weekend was packed with programs. In the evenings, there were house programs, on Saturday morning Maharaja gave a class at a Yoga school and on Sunday, of course, the weekly Love Feast took place. But the highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the harinama on Saturday afternoon, when a Maha-Harinama party sang and danced through the whole inner city of Sydney.

The kirtana started off at Circular Key, went all the way down to Pit street, continued to Chinatown (where the pathway led us through a Buddhist celebration on Lord Buddha’s appearance day), all the way on to Darling Harbor and then slowly back to Circular Key were finally, after three hours, the Harinama came to an end.

All of the programs were ecstatic but also taxing, so on Sunday night Maharaja left the Sydney temple to Govinda Valley, a near-by beautiful retreat center in nature. There he took time to rest for two days, just giving the morning and evening classes. Enjoy the pictures!

Can’t view the slide show? Just visit flickr!

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