(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, April 2012) Lecture: CC Madhya-lila 200-250

There was a lady who asked a question:

‘Why is it that when you go to the temple, then you have to take off your shoes?’

So I said:

‘It is a matter of respect and cleanliness of the temple, since it is the house of the Lord.’

She replied:

‘Oh, I thought that it was to catch the earth rays through the chakras from your feet!’

She was really disappointed!

And then there was a middle-aged couple and they were teachers in primordial screaming. I don’t know if you have heard about primordial screaming, but they were explaining it and I am familiar with it. Basically, the point is that everyone has a fundamental sound (fundamental scream) and it’s different for each individual. And if you just find that scream, when you scream deep down from the heart, then you will be liberated. That’s basically what they were saying. So I told them:

‘That’s far out. It’s amazing that you are into sounds as a means of self-realization. It totally connects you and it totally connects to what we are doing, because with us it is also all about sound. But we are all chanting the same sound, but everybody does it in their own individual way.’

And they were like:


But to tell you the truth I am with them on that one. I also want to do it in my own way in spiritual life, but not foolishly in my own way. I also want to learn from those who have better ways than me, and if I could learn from them and adjust from what I’m doing to better ways from greater devotees then yes! When it comes from spiritual authority, of those who know better, then oh yes I want to be the first one, hopefully! I may not be the first one but at least I hope I will be there with the others to submit!

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