(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, 29th April 2012) Lecture: Vyasa Puja 2012 – Class

The key is taking shelter and that is the key for all of us. The key for you, the key for me, then everyone automatically comes to a certain level of experience. In the beginning taking shelter has its issues, where we get confronted with our inability to do it. We know we should but we feel an inability to do it and we have to stretch to somehow or other come up, and that goes on. One has to always continue to stretch…

We all have to stretch and that’s and if we continue to do that then we mature naturally, then overtime miracles start to happen! Really, it’s actually amazing how powerful this movement is! How powerful this process is, and how much with time we transform, if we stretch. So we have to stretch and that’s important, and there we have to make an endeavour.

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