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Bg 2.17, 21 mar 2012, Cape Town, South Africa.
“You’re still a child, you never grow up, as long as you want to play with the material energy, then you will always be a child… If we see what children are doing, they’re cute, they’re nice, nothing wrong with them, but it is a waste of time. Children are the biggest time wasters in the universe. They do all kinds of things, like nonsense things, ridiculous things, what a waste of energy… endlessly running up, running down, running up, running down, running up, running down, for nothing. The biggest time wasters. So, playing is in a way wasting time. Building sandcastles is wasting time. Playing with the material energy, wasting time. Getting rich… richie rich, and then getting poor, poor. It goes like that. What goes up must come down, so it’s a waste of time. Trying to manipulate the material energy. Wether it is the body or not. Wether we are playing with other objects, trying to enjoy them or wether we are trying to enjoy through our body and playing with the material body, through sexual activities, then we play with the bodies. It’s playing. Playing with the material energy. So it’s a waste of time. It’s childish. When one becomes mature, one day,  then we have to stop playing and we just spend all our time in serving Krsna and then we become full.”

– Kadamba Kanana Swami

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