(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, May 2012, Bhaktivedanta Manor, London UK) Lecture: Part 2 seminar – Higher taste

So if you feel abused by my devotee who is suppose to take care of your roles by directing your service, then consult a more senior authority…But when you get the order of a spiritual master that is too difficult to follow then you can go before him and present your case, and then he can make adjustments.

So one big problem (like I mentioned earlier on) is that we avoid taking shelter of people who have authority over us, and we rather take advice of others who are senior and have no authority over us. And for the authorities we are quiet and avoid them, and you just smile at them and walk the other direction when you see them coming!

So in this way those who are suppose to look after us are also having a hard time of really taking care of us nicely. We never know because we never really speak to them. But that’s another element, like this abuse can come even from a sincere leader who has no desire to abuse anyone and still people can feel abused. So it is also our duty to open up and just really take shelter and work with the senior vaisnavas.

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