(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belguim, 2nd June 2012) Lecture: SB 5.13.5

The material world is coming into being not by the desire of the Supreme Lord but by the desire of the living being. One Western philosopher, a rationalist named Yeung asked a basic question:

‘How can this world be designed by God when there are basic flaws in it? It’s like there are so many imperfections in the world, so how can it then be designed by the all-perfect God?’

No, the flaws are perfect Mr Yeung, the flaws are perfectly designed to make the living being suffer. So his basic idea is that the world was created for us to enjoy!

‘So if God was such a good creator then how could He design this world with flaws? We are not meant to be enjoying it at all!’

No, you are not meant to enjoy it. Actually you thought you were meant to enjoy it but the faults are designed perfectly to create frustration in all of us! So that’s it, the point is that the design of the material world is perfectly arranged by Krishna but it’s not according to His desire, since it is according to the desire of the living being. The spiritual world is the realm, which is according to the desire of Krishna and that is the place.

Therefore we cannot hold the Lord responsible for all the suffering in this world. He didn’t want it! He didn’t want this world in the first place. We wanted it! We needed it; we needed space; we needed more space; we needed space where we could express ourselves, in our unlimited abilities, our talents and so on. Very nicely we wanted to explore our personalities in our abilities and in endless ways enjoy, and that’s what we wanted! The Lord said:

‘All right, you want that. Okay I will arrange something you know, I will create a world, which is a reflection of My unlimited spiritual energy. My unlimited spiritual energy is made for unlimited enjoyment, and by creating a reflection of that way there will be unlimited varieties of it, and you can try to enjoy that.’

‘Great, great, we’ll have it, let’s go.’

To bring the bewildered living being back to where He desires (to the spiritual world) then yes some suffering is required. Otherwise the living being would continue to waste his time in the material realm. So some suffering is an imputes to make us question:

‘Why? Why are we existing independent of the Lord?’

One might say:

‘But that’s not fair, then He doesn’t give us the real choice by putting suffering in to the material realm. We didn’t ask for that. So why did He put that in?’

Well that’s His mercy.

‘We don’t want that mercy. Can’t He leave that mercy out?’

No, no it is a realm where He has left that mercy out also. If you don’t want that mercy of some suffering to push us back towards the spiritual world then there is a realm where we can reside without any suffering in the Brahma Jyotir, where we can be separated from the Lord and we do not have to serve Him and at the same time there is no suffering! Isn’t it beautiful? Not really, because ultimately there is the nature of suffering, and not the created suffering (that the Lord had placed into the material world) but the suffering of being separated from the Supreme Lord, and that is also there in the Brahma Jyotir. It may take a long time before the souls that are residing in that abode finally realise that!

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