(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, May 2012, Bhaktivedanta Manor, London UK) Lecture: Part 2 seminar – Higher taste

Devotee: How do you convince other members of the family to become Krishna Consciousness?

Maharaja: How do you convince other members of the family? Well it’s always that we come with our enthusiasm about Krishna Consciousness and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take the whole family back to the spiritual world and turn them all into that, and we thought that they would be just as enthusiastic as we are, then after a short while we find that they reached a point of saturation very quick and that they are not really coming along.

So once the family has reached a point of saturation then we cannot take them any further and at that point it’s ‘007’ James Bond at work. Become a secret agent. Oh yes, a little maha water here and in whatever ways, somehow or other:

‘Can you fix this? You are so good at these things.’

Okay devotional service, and engage them in devotional service ‘ajñāta-sukṛti,’ because most people need that, they need to first get the unknown benefit of a little devotional service performed unknowingly. So that is why I say become James Bond, somehow or other engage them in the service, and in that way little by little. Don’t talk too much about Krishna, just engage them and get them to do some service, and then one day on their own, to your surprise they start to talk about Krishna, and Dad (you never thought that he would) but even then suddenly it’s like:

‘What is that? What are those languages? That’s Sanskrit.’ So he suddenly says.

‘Wow! He’s getting into it!’

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