For the fourth year running, Kadamaba Kanana Maharaja held a Sadhana retreat with the East German congregation from 9-11 June. It was held at a sports camp in Hohburg, a small village which is about an hours drive from the Leipzig temple. The theme of the retreat was “sadhana and compassion” and Maharaja nicely elaborated on these points based on the teachings of the Brhad Bhagavatamrta. It was a weekend full of powerful kirtanas, wonderful bhajana and enlivening talks by Maharaja.

Since Hohburg is in the midst of nature, we decided to walk through the forest to a tranquil lake. It was the perfect setting for meditative bhajanas and deep philosophical talks. Some adventurous devotees, inspired by the sunny weather, took the opportunity to climb up a ten meter cliff and then plunged into the cold waters. In this way, although entitled “sadhana retreat”, for many devotees the stay more felt like a transcendental holiday.

After the retreat, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja travelled to the Leipzig temple. Yesterday (12 June), he held a small house program where he spoke about “achar and prachar” (behaviour and preaching in devotional service) based on examples of some of ISKCON’s great devotees.

Enjoy the pictures!

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