(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, London, England, May 2012) House Program

Many of us who in the past have eaten flesh of animals, but we wouldn’t like to be eaten ourselves, and nor would the animals like to be eaten. They are not waiting. The chickens are not walking into the kitchen and say:

‘Please it’s time for lunch now!’

It’s not like that since when I studied more about Krishna Consciousness I found that one should not build one’s happiness on the suffering of others. You know that’s a very noble thought. So many people have tried to build their happiness on the suffering of others…

It has to make sense at the end of the day. It has to feel right to make sense. This Krishna Consciousness is little by little convincing me more because it is based on noble ideals, it’s based on principles of mercy, it is based on truth, tolerance, humility – these are all the qualities that are held on a higher esteem. I am not saying that I have these qualities, because it is not so easy to have them, but I am trying to work on these things. At the same time I can respect also other people who are trying other path, since we don’t really want to be saying:

‘These are not good. These are not good.’

But okay something that is pure. Something that is based on compassion and kindness is a God who is not a punishing God but a merciful God, and who sometimes may punish, like a parent punishes a child, but not that that is the main operand, or is the operand, and that is what is behind all of this.

There’s a lot, so little by little we become convinced, especially the lady who has chanted for 3 days. I mean what can be very much? I can appreciate it when you described your suffering, and many of us have seen that side but we also saw that suffering has brought us deeper than ordinary people. So in a way that was also good because it has brought us forward!

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