(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, London, England, May 2012)Lecture: House Program

Well let’s go to the moon! I mean it’s a bit of a jump, you might say – but no problem. The mind can go in one moment from here to the moon; it’s not a big step, since with the mind you are already there. Some say it’s made of green cheese. Other’s say you can jump because there is less gravity. You can jump very high on the moon so you can try. So travelling with the speed of mind is the greatest speed. Greater than the speed of light is the speed of mind, so it has been said. That’s the greatest speed you can find in the material world.

We speak of the speed of light, but what about the speed of mind? That’s greater. Unfortunately as I’ve said before the mind has a will of its own and at times it’s going in the wrong direction and that with great speed at 300 miles an hour in the wrong direction is maybe not such a good idea. So the mantra, it anchors the mind, it fixes our mind, which is otherwise restless:

‘cañcalaṁ hi manaḥ kṛṣṇa,’(Bg 6.34)

Restless mind – a little bit here, a little bit there is the restless mind, so what else is there to do? What else is there to see? How long will it go on? Is there something more? Is there some excitement maybe? It’s already getting boring. Can we switch him on the other channel? It doesn’t work. Like this it’s sometimes difficult when you have a live performance because you can’t switch him onto another channel!

A restless mind – 87 channels from Bollywood, then off to Hollywood in one jump at a click. So we have this culture where more and more variety is needed:

How many flavours of yoghurt are there? How many types of bread can you have? How many different types of juice do we have? How many varieties do we have?

The world of endless variety for the mind. Something different, yes. I remember the days when a chair was just a chair. I mean it was for sitting, you know. Not like nowadays when a chair can be massaging the body at the same time and in this way it is stimulating the blood circulation. In that way it is rejunivating you with the sitting experience. Also we used to have soap. Okay it smelt, but not any longer, since now it is vitamin ‘E’ enriched. And if you are using this vitamin ‘E’ enriched soap, then you get younger at anytime you wash yourself! Don’t wash too much since you might wind up in the cradle!

So in this way we are living in a time, which is designed for the mind. My mind likes vitamin ‘E’ a lot. My mind likes to be young, yes. So like that it is all for the mind. I don’t really need it for the body, but all for the mind, and all needs are there for the mind.

The mantra is nice because it sets us free and it reduces all these useless needs, so one becomes peaceful. So this is actually very good, if we don’t have all these endless needs. Therefore the mantra minimises all our needs. But this is only the preliminary stage, the stage where gradually it lifts our consciousness!

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