It was a sunny Thursday afternoon (14 June) in Leipzig, Germany and time for a program. Kadamba Kanana Maharaja boarded one of the temple’s original sankirtana vans to drive to a farm just outside the city. After riding for half an hour with the brahmacarya crew, we reached our destination. Upon arrival, Maharaja inspected the beautiful property and appreciated the devotees, and then started-off the program with bhajanas. It was followed by a lecture on the unparalleled humility of Rupa and Sanatana Goswami. Here is a short excerpt: “So this humility of Rupa and Sanatana attracted Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Humility is the only way out of frustration, because humility means to take shelter, to take shelter in Krsna, to take shelter in Bhakti, to take shelter in chanting of the holy names. Humility means that.”

On Friday, we made a trip to Chemnitz, a city located about 100 km away from Leipzig. A small Namahatta holds regular Friday feasts there and this time Maharaja decided to inspire the devotees with fired up bhajanas and a talk about unity and diversity in devotional service. During the lecture, Maharaja boldly made the following sound effect, “Baa”! The whole temple room followed Maharaja in imitating a sheep’s baa, with which he made his point clear: Everyone has to find his own way while following the path of Bhakti, rather than just becoming another sheep in the herd.

The next day we were off to the Saturday feast in Berlin. Due to the location of the temple i.e. a flat in a residential area, bhajanas had to be kept quiet and therefore it became a very calm and meditative session, with Maharaja singing tunes of Madhava and Bada Hari Prabhu. What followed was a talk based on several verses of the fourth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita where Maharaja stressed the importance for us to develop deep knowledge of the vedas.

For the Sunday feast, Maharaja went to Holland’s capital, Amsterdam. Due to the nice weather, he drove to the feast early and walked along the canals of the city prior to entering the temple. The mood of the bhajanas were just the opposite than that of Berlin. This time Maharaja once again turned “raga into rock” and devotees fully appreciated the ecstatic atmosphere.

“There is no material world, everything is spiritual” was the bold theme that Maharaja started his lecture with and he kept explaining how actually everything is Krsna’s energy! He then described how nonetheless the material world is like a reflection of the spiritual world, just as a tree reflects in the waters. According to different modes of material nature one can see the tree either as it is (goodness) in a distorted state (passion) or one cannot at all recognize it as a tree (ignorance). In this way, he concluded that we have to come to the platform of goodness through association with the mode of goodness.

After giving time to the Dutch devotees who attended the program, Maharaja returned to his base to have a good day of rest before his flight to the Czech republic on Tuesday (19 June).

If you cannot view the slide show, just visit flickr!

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