(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, 18th May 2012) Lecture: Bhakti Bhavana Q & A House program

Srila Prabhupada said:

‘India will be the Country where people will be the most exalted and the most degraded at the same time in Kali-yuga!’

So if you go in Delhi for an operation then you have to be careful, because they may take out a few more organs then you think!

‘Appendix, yes yes, an immediate operation. The kidney is also gone!’

Everybody knows it, since it’s all over the papers. Doctors get caught over that, but what about the ones who don’t get caught? And what about that appendix operation that you had? So what about such a doctor? So what’s he going to get? Well he took the oath of Hippocrates – the oath to engage his occupation for the good of mankind as a doctor and see what he did? He has to suffer a little bit:

‘No no I will not do it again.’

Well that is not good enough, you have to suffer for it in your life to free you from this selfishness…but still you can’t steal someone’s kidneys!

‘I stole it to save people’s lives!’

Yeah, yeah to save my bank account fund.

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