(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 21st June 2012, Govinda’s, Prague, Czech Republic) Lecture: Free Talk

It is said that after sometime Prabhupada took the devotees to India in 1972. They went to Vrindavan, and Prabhupada was going to show all the devotees Vrindavan. At that time he gave daily lectures in the Radha Damodhar Temple in the courtyard in front of the Samadhi of the Goswamis. At that time there was no temple and Prabhupada just had a few rooms, which he had kept from before. He kept his rooms, which he had rented from the Radha Damodhar temple. So an arrangement had been made so that the devotees could stay at the KC bhakta, the palace. The KC bhakta is the old sandstone palace, which is owned by the Maharaja from Bhartapur. Shyamsundar and Malati had a daughter called Saraswati.

One day the Maharaja of Bharatpur gave a gift, a silver deity of Krishna to Sarswati who was a very small child at the time, pure silver was very valuable. Then somehow or other Saraswati had lost Krishna, so there was a big drama. She looked everywhere, she had lost Krishna, and she couldn’t find Him! Then finally her parents asked:

‘But who has Krishna?’

And then Saraswati said:

‘I don’t know where is Krishna? Krishna’s gone.’

Then Shyamsunder asked:

‘But, who has Krishna?’

Then she said:

‘Prabhupada has Krishna!’

Then Prabhupada pulled from behind his back the deity and he gave it to Saraswati.

Actually it was an imitation. They quickly had an imitation made, so that she got a cheap version and the original silver deity was kept somewhere else. So Prabhupada had Krishna but he was also practical. He had Krishna there is no doubt about it!

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