(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20th June 2012, Govinda’s, Prague, Czech Republic) Lecture: Free talk

I was in India in 1975, and one month before the opening of the Krishna Balarama Mandir, I saw this devotee in the street. I wanted to talk to him and then suddenly he crossed the street and the traffic came, and I missed him! I would have gone to the opening of the Krishna Balarama Mandir, but it wasn’t meant to be. Although few years later I joined within that temple, and it became the place that changed my life, and where I found my home. Sometimes people say:

‘Why don’t you stay here?’

In some country somewhere.

‘Why don’t you stay in Brazil? Why don’t you stay in America? Or in Japan…’

But how can I stay? The only place I can stay is in Vrindavan or Mayapur since that’s the same! How can I stay in any ordinary place?

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