(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20th June 2012, Prague, Czech Republic) Lecture: SB.4.12.8

Sometimes the story is told about Lord Brahma, who stole the cows and the cowherd boys from Krishna. Then at that time Krishna took the place of all these personalities of the cows and the cowherd boys. So in the ‘Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya’ it is mentioned that then Lord Brahma went to Navadvipa and he performed austerities there. He eventually got the darshan of Lord Caitanya. It is said that it would appear that Lord Caitanya then told him:

‘Yes you will also appear with me in my pastimes, but you will take a very low birth.’

As in the legend, Lord Brahma is the original Brahman. He was initiated by Krishna with the Gayatri Mantra, so he had to take birth as a Mlechchas. As Lord Caitanya explained:

‘You may take a low birth as a Mlechchas as Hari Das Thakura, so that you can develop humility.’

So if we originally are from a simple background, then that is in a way a benediction. If we don’t have any special talents then that is a benediction. If we are not very learned or very beautiful then they are benedictions too, because then we can be servants, but as soon as we have a few attributes, then immediately we can be proud, which is difficult. So even if Lord Brahma and Dhruva Maharaja are struggling with these things, then surely all of us are also struggling!

Even if Ragunatha Das Goswami makes sure that he takes a humble position to protect himself from falling prey to false pride, then it’s very sure that we must be very careful to take a humble position. So many times the questions are answered about, ‘How to be humble?’ By being a servant of the vaisnavas, which is also required!

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