(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, 1st July 2012, Bhagavad Gita 13:18)

Krsna is surrounded by only devotees in the spiritual world.  Here there are not so many, but in the spiritual world, the entire land is made up of devotees.  The trees are wish-fulfilling desire trees, there are cows that are wish-fulfilling desire cows… gems, rubies.

There are unlimited devotees, and Krsna is manoeuvring between all these devotees expertly, giving attention to everyone.  Everyone is getting personal attention.  Because, after all, once a relationship has started with Krsna, nobody is interested in any other relationship.

There are few people who can stay alone in this world.  Most people, sooner or later, are looking for some relationship in this world.  But in the spiritual world, no one is interested in any relationship other than a relationship with Krsna.  Although some are married, it’s like Krsna is the centre of that marriage, nothing else.  It is Krsna who is in the centre.

It is Krsna who is in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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