(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Serbia, 13th July 2012, CC Antya 1.101)

The pure devotee is not compromised.  He is always dedicated to Krsna and he instils this faith in the heart of people.  And Prabhupada was just consistently giving brilliant answers.  Because his faith in Krsna was so fixed, it could not be shaken by anything.  It is said that the etymological meaning of guru is ‘heavy’. That doesn’t mean that the guru is a heavy guy who is just blasting everyone, but it means that his faith is so heavy that nothing can move him from the lotus feet of Krsna.

That was Prabhupada.  Nothing could move him.  And people attacked this movement.  Professors said the Hare Krsnas are dogmatic and many other people also said that the Hare Krsnas are so dogmatic.  And most of us would have said, well… uh… we are not so dogmatic because it is based on scripture… something like that we would say, feeling pushed in the corner by the opposition.

But Prabhupada was different.  Prabhupada was saying, ‘Why are they so dogmatic?  They are saying that Krsna is not God when they haven’t seen Him!’  Bang!  Straight on the nose!

And in this way, yes, Prabhupada conquered our heart.  So that is the nature of the sadhu.  He conquers the heart with his purity.  And then we say, yes, yes, yes!  This person is wonderful!  For a thousand reasons, for ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million reasons – for everything he does, for everything he says, for everything he wrote, for everything he gave to us – he’s wonderful!

So, in this way, we can appreciate the glories of the Vaishnavas.

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