(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, South Africa, 3rd July 2012) Lecture: Sanatana Goswami’s disappearance day

A few years ago, as devotees were studying more and more, there was a scholary devotee who gave a lecture, ‘Unzipping the purports’ and he said:

‘Actually these purports are not written by Prabhupada! They are based on the commentaries of the Goswamis.’

We would say: ‘Yes, that is correct.’

Actually, as we are unzipping Prabhupada’s purports, we are finding that they contain all the commentaries of the ācāryas, and Prabhupada brought us all of that. Little did we know where it all came from, because most of us have a hard time reading Prabhupada’s books. For most of us, if we have them, then they stand on the shelf and at least sometimes when I come and open the book, then a cloud of dust is coming out from the book. Or sometimes they are still in their original plastic! Certainly not as a criticism, but for the world of today, it is just hard to read since there is no time. Prabhupada’s spiritual master had collected so many things and put it all together in certain books.

There was a book that Prabhupada had used that his spiritual master had compiled which had commentaries of all of the ācāryas, and Prabhupada had incorporated all of that in his purports.

In this way, by the co-operation of the previous ācāryas, all of that was brought to us and we are getting the full package, right here! And we don’t even know what we are getting, but acutally what we are getting is an unadulterated, unaltered message of the previous ācāryas, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada. That is something which makes this movement unique!

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