(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belguim, July 2012, SB 5.14.19)

It is interesting that when someone is not smiling at us, we immediately think: Oh, this person does not like me. We never consider that maybe he has toothache or that it’s just been a hell-of-a-day for him, therefore he is not smiling at anybody. We have this tendency to apply everything to ourselves, that’s because we think that we are in the centre of the universe and everything is just rotating around us… that habit is so deep!

It is a fact that in the material world, many circumstances are irritating and agitating our minds and from that platform we enter into relationships.

In this way the, the three modes of material nature are creating a lot of stress, from that we are creating difficulties for each other. It is said that in the age of Kali, living beings are always disturbed by something. Therefore one must not develop so much faith and hope about material enjoyment!

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