Kadamba Kanana Maharaja interrupted his stay in Amsterdam for a day, just to fly to Hamburg, Germany for the second Ratha Yatra ever held there. The departure of the chariot on Saturday (25 August) was scheduled for 11 am, however due to advice from an astrologer, that the procession departs before 11 am, the parade started at 10.45 am instead. Maharaja led the first half of the procession and Jaya Gaura Prabhu, the main organizer of the Ratha Yatra, took the lead for the second half. The route granted was short and barely provided more than an hour-long procession. Back at the festival site, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja held another rocking kirtana which concluded the procession. Although rain was predicted throughout the day, by Lord Jagannatha’s mercy, the weather turned out to be stable and only a short shower occurred, but it hardly disturbed Maharaja’s ecstatic kirtana. What followed was a bharata natyam dance and kirtanas led by various devotees.

Maharaja spent Saturday night at the house of Vaidyanatah Prabhu (ACBSP), who is the brother of HH Sacinandana Maharaja. It was a short but sweet stay, which included a three-man morning program with Gurvastakam prayers and discussions on the Bhagavatam.

Now Maharaja has returned to Amsterdam where he gave the lecture at the Sunday program.

Can’t view the slide show below? Just visit flickr!

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