(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 13 July 2012, Serbia Summer Camp, CC. Antya Lila 1.101)

Devotees took so many risks, and all these risks that devotees took are what made this movement what it is now.  So, in this way, one develops this understanding of appreciating the sacrifices that has been made by so many Vaishnavas,  simply meditating on how much difficulty they took to push on Krsna Consciousness.  Generation after generation, so many risked their lives, and therefore, now we have Krsna Consciousness.

If we actually have that in the forefront of our minds – deep appreciation for all the service that those devotees did – then finally we can become humble, which is such a difficult thing.

So many times the question arises, “How can we become humble?”  How can we be humble?  And of course there are many answers one can give to the ‘how can we be humble’ question.  But this is the essence of it – to simply appreciate all the sacrifices, all the service being done by the Vaishnavas, and glorify them.

Then finally, our false ego will disappear, then finally lust will leave us alone, then finally, we can actually take advantage of sadhana katha, of the words from the lotus lips of the Vaishnavas.

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