(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Modra, Slovakia, 16 July 2012)
Prabhupada said Krsna is our best friend.  Krsna is our best friend, a better friend than any friend in this world.  Prabhupada said why – because Krsna will never disappoint you.

Someone from this world will disappoint you.  Even if they want to help you, can they help you?  Even if they want to help you, the question is, can they help you?  It’s like that in this world – often we are helpless.  Your friends are helpless, there is nothing we can do.  That is the nature of the material world.

But somehow or the other, we don’t have much desire to go to the spiritual world.  That’s really what is going on.

“Yeah, yeah, Krsna is my best friend in a way, but in another way, my best friend is someone I can talk to.  Someone who is sitting next to me.   I can throw flowers at him.  I can talk to him if I want to.”

Whereas, you know, throwing flowers at Krsna!!!  Carefully, at His feet, maybe!  Respectfully, whereas with your friend, you can just offer it in different ways.  Anyway, to develop this friendship with Krsna may take some time.

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