(HH Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, Cape Town, 26th June 2012, Lecture: BG 7.22)

The only way to satisfy everybody is by satisfying Krishna… we mean in the ultimate, even fathers will actually also become satisfied if we simply serve Krishna. Ultimately, all the birds in the sky will be satisfied and all the animals will be satisfied. Animals do not have an easy life. We were in Belgium. So in Belgium, it is summer and in the forest it is the hunting season so you never see any animals there. When we were taking off from the airport; in the grass between the runways, it was full with hundreds of rats! Jananivasa was looking out of the window and said: I saw 20 rats all at once!

It’s no wonder, since there is no hunting in the airports! They figured it out… you know: This is a safe place. It’s okay here but it’s a bit noisy.
Better to have some noise than some bullets shooting-off. So, all the rats live in the airport, at least lots of them… lots of rats have moved to the airport; It’s the hunting season and we’ve found a spot. So in this way, when there is Krishna Consciousness, then even the animals will be very satisfied!

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