(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, 17th July 2012) Lecture: SB 4.12.24

All our service is resting on the previous generation of the vaisnavas. This is how devotional service works, because vaisnavas create facility for worshiping Krishna, then more vaisnavas will come, and they will create more facilities.

So when Srila Prabhupada was in his final months in India, his health was not so good, and he was very much encouraging Lokanath Maharaja in doing village preaching, by taking the bullock cart into the villages in Padayatra. After that Lokanath Maharaja did a lot more than what Prabhupada had actually asked him, because he took it all over the world. That was his voluntary contribution, just as Srila Prabhupada took the order of his spiritual master. Srila Bhakti Siddanta said to Prabhupada:

‘Preach in the English language.’

Okay that is easy he could have given a few lectures in English, ‘I’m finished now. So I’ve done that – followed the order of my spiritual master!’

But Prabhupada took it as:

‘Okay preach to the English speaking world, and not just to them, but preach to the people of the whole world.’

And he had his books translated in so many languages…So Lokanath Maharaja in the same way when he was instructed to preach in the bullock cart in India, he took it to villages of world. Afterall it’s all Bharat. The whole planet was once called Bharat!! So I’m very happy to be blessed by the presence of all the Padayatris, becuase this Padayatra is a very wonderful program. It goes to the very heart of Krishna Consciousness. It is a program which is based on the protection of the cow and bull! The scriptures says:

‘namo brahmaṇya-devāya
go-brāhmaṇa-hitāya ca…’
(Viṣṇu Purāṇa 1.19.65).

That even before the brahmanas the cows are to be worshiped and in a society where the cows are being protected then everything will become auspicious, and suddenly there will be blessings in society, and everything starts to become favourable. Nature will again become favourable and the earth will produce profusely, and there will be natural prosperity!

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