(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm, Sweden, 4th August 2012, Lecture: SB 1.13.3-4)



If we see that someone has done service for a long time, that is to be respected. We should understand that Krishna respects that. If someone has done some service for a little while, that is also nice but if someone does the service for many years then Krishna is more impressed.

So one must always remember: How is Krishna looking upon this person?

And not by: How am I looking upon this person?

We may see that this person’s nature is not very nice: I see something in his character that is a little strange… some flaw, some default. But Krishna is seeing that he has done such a nice service and therefore, Krishna is smiling. So when we look at the person and see Krishna smiling behind him, in that way, we can overcome envy because it’s scary to be envious in front of Krishna. Would you dare be envious in front of Krishna? I wouldn’t dare so much, but that’s what we do. When we get envious of the devotees then we are in big trouble!

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  1. This is the most beautiful picture of Krishna I ever have seen 🙂