(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 8th August 2012, Slovenia, The Balkans, Lecture: SB 1.3.28)


Within Krishna Consciousness, in due course of time, it actually becomes very easy to give up the material energy, and to turn to Krishna with great determination. It happens quite automatically, since it depends on only 1 thing which is regular practise. Regular practise helps. Of course, otherwise if we never practise Krishna Consciousness, then it seems that Krishna goes in the background. If we chant only on Janmashtami, then we may sometimes forget Krishna. But once we have done service for Krishna, then He will never forget us! Therefore, what may happen is that Krishna will make us Krishna conscious by force. For example, when the car rolls over 7 times and you come out alive, then after that you are very serious about Krishna Consciousness!

So we should understand that if we are not serious about surrendering, then Krishna will make arrangements for us – He does! So it is better if we voluntarily surrender to Krishna, rather then waiting for the 3 modes of material nature, who will create difficulties and bring us to Krishna.

For a materialist, behind the 3 modes of material nature is karma, but for the devotee behind the 3 modes of material nature is Krishna, because ultimately it is Krishna who is controlling everything in our life. He makes all these arrangements for our purification. So nothing is just happening…Krishna is doing it. Krishna is personally getting involved in the lives of His devotees!

He uses our diminished karma, like when you turn off the fan, then it slows down…our karma slows down, so He uses it since He is behind it. He lets it happen and sometimes He interferes. His aim is to bring us back in this way. So we are always with Krishna…always!

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