(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 17th Sept, 2012,  South Africa) Lecture: Evening Talk  


There are stories that you have these offerings – offerings are supposed to be on time – and then you have these offerings that are cooked at racing speed! The ghee is extremely hot, and the puris sort of fly into the ghee and fly out of the ghee at the same time  –  cooked on the outside but the inside is completely uncooked!

So such flying puris were at one time offered.  The pujari put down the plate, set the bell, recited the mantras and then went off the altar, to let Krsna eat.  Then the puris flew out through the curtains! Such things are happening.

In the Bombay Juhu temple of Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari, there was a Muslim tailor and he was making clothes for the deities. They asked him to make a new set, and he said:  ‘I have to go to the altar to take the measurements.’

So they said:  ’You have made so many clothes for the deity, you have the measurements.’

He said:  ’No, no, the size is changing.’

If you see the kind of offerings they are making in Bombay, then it’s no wonder that the size is changing! So even in our times the deities are active and are not just passively present!

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