(H H Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, Cape Town, 28th June 2012) Lecture: BG 3.10


The other day I was speaking to a brahmacari, who was leading many others, and he asked me a question:

‘How can you be convinced? How can you speak in a very convinced way?

And I was thinking:

‘Well, by being situated in something you can believe in.’

So first you have got to find the position – a position in life you can believe in, and when you are comfortably situated in that position: ’This is right for me,’ okay, then you begin to develop the conviction.  So the conviction comes from being situated in a truthful position according to our nature.  And then when we are properly situated (according to our nature) in a position of purity, from there we can also situate ourselves properly in a philosophical understanding and strengthen our conviction, and we become stronger and stronger. Then we become thirsty for knowledge, because we feel that:

‘This knowledge is actually making me stronger against this whole crazy world that’s bombarding me with garbage, and it can’t touch me.  It doesn’t touch me anymore, because I am completely clear as to what the truth is.’

So, this hearing is not just an exercise. ’Okay,we have to go through this process of hearing from the Bhagavad-Gita because it is some sort of  magic washing powder which washes all the stains from the heart.  Okay, here we go again…all right,  wash it up!’

So no, it’s our outlook that’s important, and our outlook is the platform from which we deal with the world, and everyone needs a platform.  ’I’m part of a Dutch reformed Church and therefore, I know I am right, because it says so in the Bible.  Therefore, no one can say anything to me, since it’s the only way.  That’s it!  I’m right.’  So everyone’s looking for a platform.

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