(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sacred Space seminar, Fruska Gouranga, Serbia, 2010)


By appreciating Krsna’s qualities, suddenly our chanting changes. How many times are people asking: “How can we come to more attentive chanting?” It’s one of those questions that always come back again and again… And there are many answers that can be given.

One answer is that we are all dealing with technique: rising at the right time of the day, saving certain amount of time for chanting, not eating too much the night before… That’s all about the technique. And that helps to some extent to come to more attentive chanting. But it is not enough!

Even all this technique will still not do it. Even in the middle of Sacinandana Maharaja’s japa-retreat the mind goes left and right. But hearing about Krsna, as I said, comes to life and then the chanting comes to life!

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