(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 July 2012, Serbia Summer Camp, SB 1.1.3)

Krsna is an amazing person, because, within Krsna there is, on the one side, this completely human nature and He acts as human as all of us do.  And therefore we can completely recognise His mood.  We can recognise His identity, and yes, we understand Him deeply.  We can share His feelings.

Then the next moment He does something so totally extraordinary, so totally superhuman that everyone is just amazed.

Like the forest fire story.  One year, in Vrndavana, we had a play and we did the forest fire story with the gurukul boys.  So we had made this nice forest and then you have these pots and inside is fire.  It’s like fireworks!  Sparks just shoot out 2 metres high!

So we had lots of those amongst the trees, and we put gurukul boys dressed up as cowherd boys in the middle of it.  And the play was really good because the gurukul boys were really afraid!  So it was really convincing.  I mean, a forest fire is very, very fearful!  I’ve been to Australia and I’ve seen what was left of a forest after a forest fire.  It was all black and the trees were still red hot!  Such power, such overwhelming power, everyone just feels helpless!

And then Krsna just swallows the fire.  I mean, it blows the mind!  That’s wonderful!  Then one can only stand there, totally overwhelmed by Krsna’s amazing qualities!


  1. Matsya das on

    “And then Krsna just slows the fire”
    it should says
    “And then Krsna just swallows the fire”

    it’s amaizing to just read that story in KB, but when Maharaja retold it there at the camp, i remember i actually realized how amaizing it is – Krsna swallowed the fire…
    i remember thinking ‘yes, this actually IS completely mindblowing…’