(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, 30th June 2012) Lecture: BG Chapter 5

Even at university we are learning  how to destroy the world.  I know that there are a whole bunch of chemical engineers in this room and they are allocated for years to systematically destroy the world, and they receive a huge salary for it as well! And you wonder: ‘Is this the cream of society?’

After a lot of testing, these are the ones that somehow or other made it through some tough exams.  They are professional destroyers.  They turn the world we live in into hell.  It’s the world we live in.  So we are not blaming the individuals, but something is wrong with the system, that’s for sure.

So we see that even in the educational system, the proper vision is not there, not at all.  So that’s interesting, how man is living in a state of war with the environment.  The modern world is at war with the environment.  You get a disease, then throw a nuclear pill on top! Okay, kill a million bacteria, I feel better already! Or some insects – you know, with pesticide.  Spray the fields, and kill them by the millions! Plants – forget it, concrete and top with some cement! Okay, my examples are a little extreme but maybe reality is also a little extreme, if you think of it.

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