(H H Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, Cape Town, 28th June 2012) Lecture: BG 3.10

Our sacrifice (at this stage) for the pleasure of Krsna is particularly meant for our purification, and that is our spiritual life.   Somehow or other our focus is purification and mercy.  Somehow or other, let us try to purify our existence.  If we have any difficulties in spiritual life, we know that it is due to impurity within our heart. There are always so many difficulties. Sometimes there are people who say:

‘Maharaja, I have nothing to say to you because I don’t have any problems.’

As if we are only meant for problems.

‘So tell me something nice that sounds good for a change. Tell me some goods news which would be nice.’

I am also (like everyone else) looking for purification.  I can’t say that I am not looking for purification, since this is simply how we spend our days.  Every morning we rise and again, we are trying to see what we can do today for our purification. What sacrifice can we make? What service can we offer to Krsna? Whether it is an austerity or whether it is sometimes blissful, that depends on what the service is.  Some service we like and some we don’t, but the point is to rise above the likes and dislikes and come to the point  where one just simply engages in that service for Krsna – for the pleasure of Krsna!

The main meditation is just on the service and just doing it very faithfully and dutifully, and that is really our main point of focus – to just dutifully engage in our service!

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