(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Canberra 2011, Australia, Sunday feast)

Lord Balarama personally expands Himself and takes the form of Krsna’s servant. Krsna is seva-bhagavan, the Supreme Lord who is being served. And Lord Balarama is also the same Supreme Lord but He is sevaka-bhagavan. He is the Lord in the mood of the servant.

It is said that wherever the glorification of Krsna is going on Balarama is immediately in to it and He becomes the musical instrument. We have Balarama mrdangas, Balaram karatals and Balaram harmoniums!
In this way we are witnessing how Balarama is serving Krsna in anyway possible.Therefore Balarama is known as Adi-Guru, the original spiritual master because, guru means servant. The spiritual master must be the greatest servant. How else he can be the master?

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